Saugat Bista

Name Saugat Bista
Nationality Nepali
Address Ghattekulo, Kathmandu, Nepal
Father’s Name Gajit Bista
Mother’s Name Samjhana Pokharel
DOB 6 January, 2007
Birth Place Kathmandu, Nepal
School Suryoday Jyoti Secondary E.B. School, Dilli Bazar, Ktm
Email [email protected]

About Saugat Bista:

Saugat Bista, who is just 8 years old, is a very active child. He is an outstanding student possessing high academic excellence , is forward in extra curricular activities and has a good sense of humor as well.In short, we can say that he is a multi-talented character .Saugat has a very filmy family background. His father, Gajit Bista, is a renowned actor. Sangam ,his elder sister, is also a famous child artist. So, acting and movie is all over his body as blood because of the family background too.

He first debuted through the television advertisement of ‘Marigold Cooking Oil’ when he was just five years old. After that, at his tender age his talent was spotted by a makeup artist and he was given an opportunity to act as a lead role in the movie ‘Ka Kha Raa’. His immense acting skill in the documentary movie was again realized by the Director  Mr. Mohan Niraula who later lunched him as to act as a child artist in the feature film ‘Janmabhumi’. Though, direction is a new field for him but Nepali Film Industry is not a new sector. Even before directing this movie Love You Baba, Saugat attended many workshop to gain the perfection as a director. He took special classes from Nawal Nepal who is the director of the hit movie ‘Lazza’. Apart from him, he learnt from Mr. Dibyaraj Subedi, Mr. Gajit Bista and Mr. Gamvir Bista.

Along with the passing of time he improved his capabilities to prove himself as the youngest director for ‘Guinness book of World RecordsTM and now finally he has succeeded to become a Guinness world record holder as a world youngest film director and also as one of the challenging personality in Nepali Film Industry. Not only that, he also has become a role model for many young children at this age. And in this journey of establishing himself, he also has proved himself as a valuable citizen of the country.

About the Film ‘Love You Baba’:

Movie ‘Love You Baba’ depicts the love between a dedicated loving father and a daughter who has lost her mother. In this movie actor Gajit Bista aka ‘Sushant’ has gone through all the obstacles to be a complete parent. He tries every possible ways to make his daughter happy. On the other hand, Child Artist Sangam Bista aka ‘Chanchal’, who is playing the role of daughter, loves her father dearly and never feels the absence of her mother. She is very understanding but quite demanding at times. In the entire movie, the viewers will get to experience love, correction, attachment, bonding between child and a father and much more. It can be a reflection of several families and can be a role model for many children who are deprived of their mother’s love and her selfless care.

The movie is a wholesome combo of comedy, emotions, sentiments, thrill and action and the movie also has a collection of a heart touching songs. So, the movie has become a complete worth watching cinema. Audiences/Viewers are going to enjoy and also learn from the movie for sure. The movie has also tried to setup a ‘Guinness World RecordsTM‘ being directed by the youngest director so far.

This movie also has tried to show the positive part of a child. In a nutshell, we can say that young Saugat Bista has proved that talent and creativity has no age and has compelled the viewers to realize that every child is born unique and are also not less than the other grownups if are provided with a proper platform.

Objectives of movie ‘Love You Baba’:

  • Introducing the talent and potential of a eight years old kid of Nepal to the world as a youngest film director
  • Introducing Nepali film sector to the world
  • Contributing golden values to Nepali Films Industry
  • Registering the attempt in Guinness Book Of World Record
  • Motivating other kids with a message that age doesn’t stop anyone from demonstrating their potential
  • Creating awareness among the parents of their role towards their children
  • Educating the kids on what type of responsibilities they should have towards their parents

Saugat Bista